Brendan Marnell

Hi, I'm Brendan.

I design software products.


Not alone – I partner with product owners, engineers, researchers, business stakeholders, other designers, and (of course) users. I've worked on web and mobile products, as an individual and as a design leader.

I'm a longtime designer at Cvent, the industry leader in event management software. In my current role I lead the product design team for the Hospitality Cloud, our suite of products positioned at the intersection of venues and event planners. Before making the move to product design I was the company's creative director, leading a team of 15 graphic designers, web designers, and videographers. I started there as an entry-level graphic designer in 2006 – it's been a journey.

I got my start in animation and graphic design, so even as my focus has shifted more toward structure I still have an eye on the surface level details that can make a product stand out. I'm most excited by projects where I can nail the details without losing sight of the big picture.

I live in Portland, Oregon with my wife and daughter. In the ever-decreasing slice of time that I'm not designing or parenting, I ride my bike, drink too much coffee, and read sci-fi.